Irina Derzhavets is an up and coming artist with a long list of accomplishments. Her art pieces adorn the walls of many private collections and were on display at the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts in South Florida.

Irina's unique style is full of life, color and movement. She is said to be in tune with the world and finds inspiring ideas from everyday life, people and sounds. Like life itself, Irina's work starts with seemingly unconnected ideas, dispersed pieces of fabric, detached pearls, buttons, sea shells and jewelry. The common thread is a vision of elegance, a desire to piece together independent thoughts and, in the process, bring out collective individualism that joins us together, like in life itself.

"My artwork is the vessel of my soul, the place I feel most at ease, comfortable," says Irina. "When I work, other worries and aches move away. I have only one rule - to work when I am in a good mood."

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