What is Mixed Media


The practice of combining different types of media to create art dates back to antiquity. However, the actual term has been used since the post-modern period of the 20th century. "Mixed media" includes visual art that reflects more than one type of artistic medium. For example, a canvas that features acrylic paint, ink, and collage is mixed media.

With mixed media, anything goes. By using a combination of media in a single art piece, you can utilize the best that each medium has to offer! However, be careful to take precautions, such as making sure that your foundation (base layer) can accept whatever you throw on top of it without buckling or bending.


With mixed media, it is better to constantly test how different media work together to achieve the desired effect. For instance, applying ink on top of watercolor will have a very different look than if you apply water colors on top of ink. It is best to fiddle around on a small-scale to figure out how different media interact before attempting a large-scale or detailed artwork!

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